Saturday, 30 October 2010

Jilted generation

Not affiliate marketing but certainly something worth a look

Jilted Generation: How Britain Has Bankrupted Its Youth

Jilted Generation is a tirade of fury... Ed Howker and Shiv Malik stake out their complaint with a waspishness which comes from personal experience - the struggle to find somewhere to live in London, and to find a secure job...the evidence of pokey overpriced housing and endless unpaid internships piles up convincingly
--Madeleine Bunting, Guardian
Product Description
Born after September 1979? Struggling to find a decent job, even though you're a graduate? Can't afford to buy or even rent a house? No prospects? Welcome to the jilted generation. Things go wrong in society all the time, but rarely do they go wrong for an entire generation. Drawing on their own startling new research and writing with an irresistible polemical energy, twenty-something journalists Ed Howker and Shiv Malik argue that, in stark contrast to their parents' generation, millions of young Britons today face the most uncertain future since the early 1930s. Radical, angry and passionate, Jilted Generation takes a closer look at who's to blame for locking out Britain's youth - and leaving our country not just broken but broke.

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