Thursday, 17 September 2009

Think Visibility

Went to see Yoast at Think Visibility 2. Was well worth the trip up the motorway and was well organised and fun.
I enjoyed Yoast's presentation and Julian's from the Telegraph and Judith Lewis's talks. The afternoon was also fun with Tom doing lots of fun graphs showing how important it is to make things easy to interact with. Then Zoe's talk was good.

You can see some pictures of the Think Visbility event here

Friday, 11 September 2009

Expired banners - things not to do

Do not send me a list of 90 numbers of expired banners and ask me to change them. It's tedious and very frustrating to waste time doing this.


Because I don't direct link to any graphic - all my banner links go through a network's database/tracking system.
So why should I need a change at my end?

Because going through 90 searches take an awful lot of my time and energy.

Because you could tell me which banners I use and on what urls and then I'd not have such a big list to go through, or at least be pinpoint accurate in what I was looking for.

I've got a useful code searcher that will go through all my sites looking for a number or url so although it's a chore it is possible. Just doing 90 is a bit silly as I know I've never used anywhere near that many banners from this merchant