Friday, 22 July 2011

Merchants with split programs

This has always been something that annoyed me. Merchants who split their business up affiliate wise so you have to be signed up to two programs. Then you've got to ask them if the cookies cross track when you can flick from one site to another easily. They don't always and you've got to be signed up for both.

Well in the last couple of days two programs with split affiliate programs have sacked one part of it - because they've realised that they can do it all from one program.


It wasn't really rocket science was it?
I wonder if it's to do with saving money in these recessionary times that you can cut staff costs perhaps by having less people working on it when it's all together. Maybe. But from an affiliate point of view it means work chasing links and replacing code.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

How many H1 tags on a page?

I was just pondering the answer to this question when it hit me.


The clue is in the name.

Not only is H1 the most important tag on a page but there should also only be one H1 tag used per page.

So what about H2? It's a bit less important - so why not have two...

H3 - three - that works for me!
H4 - four
H5 - five
H6 - why not six? If you've got six sub-sub-sub-subheadings on a page then why not make them a H1?