Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Things I hate about affiliate marketing

Bizarre long emails listing ad numbers being removed from a sytem so I have to go through and search them all out or risk sending traffic to a dead link.
Thanks guys, I have nothing else to do with my afternoon than spend it doing this tedious and mindless work.
AND what makes it worse is they're all coded links - so they go through the networks site and get churned off to links, so there is NO NEED for this insanity.

I was going to write a similar list to Kirsty here on her affiliate marketing blog, but decided I'd only blog about it next time I got annoyed.

Other things that annoy me are on one particular network, a "I agree" click needed to terms and conditions that I've already agreed to. It drives me mad. Two clicks and a scroll of my time needed each time. Annoying as heck.

I'll add some more hates as and when I find them. But I do agree with most of Kirsty's list!

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