Monday, 28 April 2008

Task for the day

Write down ten reasons why someone should go to *a site of your choice*

Fun to try this with big name sites as well as your own.

If you can't write down ten reasons quickly then there's got to be another reason for going to that site. Whether you've spend several million on branding and are positioned to be first in people's minds or whether you have a high street store and people want to shop with you online, or some other reason ... Without reasons why people should visit your site, they probably won't.

I tried this with a big name electrical retailer a while ago. Without visiting their site first to refresh my memory I managed to come up with 8 reasons to visit. When I checked their site out for comparison one of the features I'd given as a reason had been removed from the site!

Reasons might include:

  1. Buy a specific type of product only available at this one site
  2. Low prices
  3. Price matches
  4. Big brand name I trust
  5. High street store I can make returns to
  6. Free delivery
  7. They compare prices and keep them low
  8. Biggest range of products available
  9. Interest free credit
  10. Free gifts with purchase
  11. Recommended by a friend
  12. Real reviews by real people
  13. Site is easy to use.
  14. Easily compare similar products
  15. Great product info
  16. Handbooks for products online
  17. Shopping guide for buying new products I don't know much about
  18. Guaranteed cheapest price with a price match promise
  19. Easy hassle-free returns at no cost
  20. Have bought from them before.

This list just took me a few minutes to put together . Give yourself a few minutes to write down reasons why people should visit your site. Are you missing out on anything?

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